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Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation (OEIE)

Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation
Kansas State University, College of Education
2323 Anderson Avenue, Suite 220
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
Phone: 785.532.5930
Fax: 785.532.7185
E-Mail: oeie@ksu.edu

Welcome from the Director


Greetings from the Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation, most commonly known as OEIE. Founded in 2000, and affiliated with Kansas State University and the College of Education, OEIE provides a variety of independent evaluation services for an extensive range of projects in the fields of science, agriculture, education, health, and workforce development. Our clients include local, state, national, and international researchers, faculty, and administrators working within universities, government agencies, foundations, and other organizations.

Our staff consists of professionals with expertise in proposal development, evaluation design, strategic planning, quantitative and qualitative methods, data analysis, survey design and database administration. We approach evaluation as a collaborative process with our clients by seamlessly integrating evaluation, technology, and development.

OEIE’s team works with clients to develop evaluation components needed for grant proposals and to design and implement rigorous, comprehensive evaluation plans tailored to address the needs of each project. Our evaluation services encompass the full range of needs from project development, modification, and continuous improvement through strategic planning, program evaluation, and capacity building. We assist with procuring and sustaining funding, providing sound and informative evaluations that integrate technology, and ultimately work to enhance program capacity and impact.

As the pressure for accountability increases, the demand for efficiency rises and the need to determine specific impacts from projects and programs grows. The value and importance of quality evaluation is more critical than ever before. Given these increasing demands, our office has positioned itself to be flexible, proactive, and action seeking to address these challenges in collaboration with our clients. OEIE is a service-oriented team committed to designing and implementing the best evaluation possible.

If you are interested in program improvement, need a team of evaluation experts, or would like more information, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!


B. Jan Middendorf, Ph.D.

Dr. Middendorf is currently on loan to the National Science Foundation in Washington D.C., where she is serving as Program Director for Program and Project Evaluation for the Division of Graduate Education.  She will return to K-State in the fall of 2016.

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