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The Data Acquisition Information System (DAISy), was developed as a comprehensive web-based data collection system to gather impact data from all participants in Oklahoma who receive National Science Foundation (NSF) Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) funds. This system evolved into a more generic reporting platform and in the summer of 2014, Piestar, Inc. was established as a spin-off company out of the Office of Educational Innovation & evaluation to focus on ongoing support and development of the platform. 


DAISy was developed to be user-friendly and adheres to the latest best practices in web application design and functionality. It features a clean, well-designed, and responsive interface that functions as well on mobile devices and tablets as it does on desktops and laptops. Users can navigate the thirteen data collection modules with ease and submit required data into hundreds of fields without being overwhelmed by a dated or un-responsive system.Friendly FormsFriendly Forms


DAISy ExportsDAISy ExportsDAISy provides the tools necessary to manage and view evaluation data for large projects. These tools include a fully-featured administrative interface, the ability to run reports across a single or multiple years, and a mechanism to track user-progress in completing the various reporting modules. DAISy also includes custom Excel exports built to match reporting templates provided by the NSF EPSCoR.


At its core, DAISy is built within an evaluation framework. Our Integrated Technology team works closely with our Evaluation team and the client to understand client needs, evaluation needs, and requirements of the funding agency. Having this single system to collect and organize data from all project participants greatly streamlines the overall process and provides valuable feedback about project progress and impact.