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Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation (OEIE)

Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation
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Graduate Research Assistantship for Project Evaluation

Positions Currently Available

HOURS: 20 hours per week, Monday-Friday (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.)
Click to download application as: MS Word File or PDF File

Position Description:
Are you interested in applied research and evaluation?  Would you like to get some real-world experience in collecting, analyzing and reporting qualitative and quantitative data while still in school?  Our office is looking for an energetic graduate research assistant to join our team!  We provide comprehensive and collaborative project development, strategic planning and evaluation services for K-State colleges and programs, state agencies, foundations and other universities.  

As part of the team, you will work with our full-time staff on analyzing the data and compiling reports.  Other duties may include assisting with literature reviews, survey administration, analysis and reporting.

Required Qualifications and Dispositions:

  1.  Interest in applied research and evaluation.
  2. Familiarity with and some experience using qualitative and quantitative research methods, including analyzing and reporting qualitative data.
  3. Ability to produce polished work in a variety of written documents (including technical reports, research summaries and potentially manuscripts for publication).
  4. Experience with using transcriptions and/or recordings from interviews or focus groups for data analysis and reporting.
  5. Experience in conducting literature reviews, document reviews or content analyses.
  6. Ability to use a variety of computer programs and applications for managing data, designing tables and graphs (in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and conducting data analysis.
  7. Capacity and willingness to learn research and evaluation methods
  8. Preferred – Experience using SPSS or NVivo qualitative analysis software

Applicant must be able to:

  1. Communicate and work with faculty, students, and departmental staff in a client-based environment.
  2. Think critically to solve problems.
  3. Work as an effective member of a professional team, with high levels of integrity, energy, and confidentiality.
  4. Maintain work schedules consistently.
  5. Demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills, accuracy, and attention to detail.
  6. Follow instructions and show initiative.
  7. Meet deadlines and follow through on assignments.
  8. Demonstrate flexibility and ability to prioritize.

Flexible Work Schedule: 20 hours per week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Schedule can be adjusted each semester; summer work is optional.

Graduate Students in our office are expected to have excellent computer skills, communication skills, and a commitment to team approaches for evaluation and research.

Application Instructions: Email, mail or fax your completed application (MS Word File or PDF File), resume, cover letter, and writing sample to:

EMAIL: oeie@ksu.edu (SUBJECT: Graduate Research Assistantship in Evaluation)

MAIL: Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation
         ATTN: Graduate Assistantship Applications
         College of Education, KSU
         2323 Anderson Avenue, Suite 220
         Manhattan, KS 66502

FAX: (785) 532-7185 ATTN: GRA Position for Evaluation